Looking for premium auto accessories but not the price tag? Dash Designs® clearance section is here for you!

Buggie Bag™ Buggie Bag™

The Buggie Bag is the best and most economical answer to your short-term dust cover needs in the off-road and power sports industry. Buggy Bag™ utilizes patented ‘Stretch-It’ technology to assure a snug fit without snaps, buttons or zippers. Slip it on, pull the sewn-in drawstring and forget it! Buggie Bag™ comes in 3 sizes so it will fit a wide variety of power sports vehicles including scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, trikes, golf carts and UTVs. Try one on!

Laser Shade™ Laser Shade™

Laser Shades™ fit the profile of each window exactly and snap into place with powerful magnets, ensuring maximum protection from the sun and privacy from outside.

Daytona Steering Wheel Cover Daytona Steering Wheel Cover

One of the newest additions to our line of quality Comfort Grips™ steering wheel covers, Daytona™ sports a 2-tone color scheme crafted from a premium leather-like material. Available in 4 sizes, Daytona™ provides a look and feel normally found on the steering wheels of luxury sports cars. Experience some of the storied legacy of the track in your own hands with a sporty Daytona™ steering wheel cover.

Luxe Steering Wheel Cover Luxe Steering Wheel Cover

As the name implies, the Luxe™ Comfort Grips™ steering wheel cover is the luxurious blend of a finely perforated premium leather-like material with simulated wood grain inserts at the two primary hand locations. Crafted in 3 color schemes and available in 4 sizes, a Luxe™ steering wheel cover will enhance the interior of most any vehicle. A Luxe™ cover will put some real driving comfort where it belongs…right in your hands.

Superflauge® Game™ Multi Grip Steering Wheel Cover Superflauge® Game™ Multi Grip Steering Wheel Cover

This is the newest addition to our quality line of Comfort Grips™ premium steering wheel covers. Superflauge Game™ is available in 4 sizes and features our famous Multi-Grip™ design for that ‘hands on’ feel, beautifully wrapped in a rugged ‘camo’ pattern. Take command…put one on and steer your vehicle into another great outdoors adventure!