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Poly-Carpet™ Plush Velour™ Brushed Suede™ Sedona Suede™
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Dashtex™  Game™                 

   Why do you need a Dash Designs® Custom Dash covers?

Your car, truck, SUV or van is definitely one
of your most valuable investments. Our Dash Designs® car dashboard covers protect
your vehicle's dashboard from the Sun's
harmful UV rays that can cause discoloration
and cracking, while also reducing reflected
heat and annoying glare. Our full line of
quality Dash Designs® auto accessories
continue to offer the ultimate in protection, comfort and value for you and your vehicle.
  • Custom dash covers for Cars, Trucks, and Vans

  • Edges & Vents Reinforced with Quality Color Matched Trim

  • Digital CAD/CAM Patterns Ensure the Very Best Fit
  • Reduces Glare and Dust

  • Solution-Dyed Fabrics Won't Shrink or Fade

  • Easy Installation with Included Velcro Tabs





Poly-Carpet™ Dash Covers

With our famous lifetime warranty, Poly Carpet™ compliments the interior of virtually any vehicle. Our industry-leading precision patterns and hand-finished attention to detail assure you a beautiful cover with a truly custom fit.

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Plush Velour™


Medium Grey


Plush Velour™ Dash Covers

Available in 15 gorgeous colors, Plush Velour™ is as beautiful as it is functional. Our precision patterns and hand-worked details assure a beautiful custom-fitted dash cover that will look great in any vehicle. A five year warranty and ease of installation assure an unbeatable value.

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Brushed Suede™



Brushed Suede™ Dash Covers

Here’s a material that wears as well as it looks. Available in Black plus five beautiful earth tones, Brushed Suede™ is one of our most popular choices. This fabric also has great anti-glare qualities and is backed up with a 5-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Brushed Suede™ is not only a great choice, it’s an outstanding value.

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Sedona Suede™



Sedona Suede™ Dash Covers

This is a premium Dash Designs® fabric, now available in six colors. Sedona Suede™ has a unique perforated surface pattern that provides a soft feel and a luxurious appearance. Dash Designs® precision CAD CAM patterns, hand finished details and 5 year warranty assure that your vehicle’s dashboard will look fantastic and be fully protected for the long haul.

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Dashtex™ Dash Covers

Available in four colors, Dashtex™ is one of our most popular choices, striking a great balance between appearance, durability and value. Dashtex™ sports a subtle pattern, giving it a rich look, while providing your vehicle’s dashboard with all the protection it will need from the Sun’s heat and harmful UV rays.

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Superflauge® Dash Covers

Our superb camouflage-style dashboard fabric has always been a hit with outdoor enthusiasts and their vehicles. Game&trade is a premium material that’s as tough and durable as the environments that it will be driven in. With a 5 year warranty, custom fit and rugged good looks, GameTM is a real-world choice that just can’t be beat!


Dash Designs® Dashboard Covers:

  • Protect your Dash Designs® dashboard from harmful ultraviolet rays!
  • Dress up your vehicle's interior
  • Reduce dangerous glare and reflected heat
  • Installs in minutes with Velcro Tabs Provided
  • Available for Cars, SUV’s, Trucks, and Vans

Dash Designs® Manufacturing Processes Utilize:

  • The latest in CAD CAM© technology
  • Solution-dyed fabrics that won’t fade or shrink
  • Bar code product tracking system on all orders
  • Two quality control checks before shipping

CAD CAM© Technology

State-of-the-art CAD CAM© cutting technology is used for precision patterns, giving our Dash Covers the best fit, best quality, and best value. Dash Designs© Car Dashboard Covers continue to set the benchmark for the automotive aftermarket industry.

Quality Control

Dash Designs® uses the latest in bar-code tracking technology along with 2 quality control checks to ensure that each dash cover is custom tailored to the exact specifications of your vehicle.

Custom Embroidery

Personalize your Dash Designs® dashboard cover with: Custom Lettering or from a selection of Fun Logos



Velcro Strip Dashcover Mounting Kit


Dash Designs® “special hook” Velcro will stick anywhere to the bottom of your dashcover. Three 7" strips are included. See installation instructions for more details.

*Velcro is included with every  
  dash cover purchase.