Steering Wheel Covers

  • Available in four different sizes to fit most any steering wheel.
  • Helps keep your steering wheel cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Various color options available to complement most vehicle interiors.
  • 8 elegant styles to meet the needs of the most discerning driver.
  • Premium carefully crafted materials to enhance your driving comfort.

The Dash Designs premium line of steering wheel covers are available in four different sizes to fit most steering wheels. With 8 beautiful styles you’re guaranteed to find a cover that will complement your vehicle’s interior and enhance your driving experience. Additionally, Comfort Grips™ will keep your steering wheel warm in winter and cool in summer. Get your hands on a Comfort Grips™ steering wheel cover and feel the difference a great grip can make.

Daytona™ Daytona™
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One of the newest additions to our line of quality Comfort Grips™ steering wheel covers, Daytona™ sports a 2-tone color scheme crafted from a premium leather-like material. Available in 4 sizes, Daytona™ provides a look and feel normally found on the steering wheels of luxury sports cars. Experience some of the storied legacy of the track in your own hands with a sporty Daytona™ steering wheel cover.

Superflauge Game™ Multi Grip Superflauge Game™ Multi Grip
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This is the newest addition to our quality line of Comfort Grips™ premium steering wheel covers. Superflauge Game™ is available in 4 sizes and features our famous Multi-Grip™ design for that ‘hands on’ feel, beautifully wrapped in a rugged ‘camo’ pattern. Take command…put one on and steer your vehicle into another great outdoors adventure!

Sedona Grip™ Sedona Grip™
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Designed for the driving enthusiast who demands style and comfort, the Sedona Grip™ steering wheel cover is all that and more. Crafted from a finely perforated premium material in 3 colors and 4 sizes, this cover literally ‘breathes’ in your hands. With Sedona Grip™ you’ll be treated to a very comfortable hands-on feel for a pleasurable driving experience.

Sport Grip™ Sport Grip™
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Blending the best of two worlds, Sport Grip™ is a steering wheel cover with a finely perforated rim for maximum comfort and a solid face to provide a smooth hands-on feel. Made from premium materials, the Sport Grip™ cover is available in 4 sizes and 3 colors to fit and complement the interior of virtually any vehicle. Get your hands on a Sport Grip™ and feel the difference that a beautifully designed cover can make.

Ultra Plush™ Ultra Plush™
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Comfort Grips Ultra Plush™ steering wheel covers provide the ultimate comfort for your hands. Manufactured with an ultra-soft micro-fiber type fabric and Memory Foam, this cover is sure to provide a more enjoyable driving experience. Ultra Plush™ is available in 4 sizes to fit most every steering wheel, and comes in 3 colors to complement the interior of any vehicle. Enjoy the ultimate in hands-on driving comfort with an Ultra Plush™ steering wheel cover.

Multi Grip™ Multi Grip™
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The Multi Grip™ steering wheel cover comes in 4 sizes and 3 colors, providing amazing comfort with style. A plush micro-fiber fabric with Memory Foam ensures that your hands will be comfortable at all times. What’s more, the luxurious leather-like accents provide a totally unique look that’s sure to stand out. Get your hands on a stylish Comfort Grips Multi Grip™ today and enjoy the drive.

Performa Pro Grip™ Performa Pro Grip™
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The Performa Pro Grip™ is your answer to complete steering wheel protection. This cover provides a sleek, contemporary look and is offered in 4 sizes and 3 colors. Crafted from a premium vinyl material, this cover will feel very comfortable in your hands and it’s sure to enhance the driving experience. Grab on to a Performa Pro Grip™ and drive with the style and comfort that you deserve.

Gem Grip™ Gem Grip™
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Add some genuine ‘bling’ to the interior of any vehicle with a Comfort Grips Gem Grip™ steering wheel cover. Available in 4 sizes, Gem Grips™ will protect the steering wheel, enhance your vehicle’s interior and provide a comfortable, stylish driving experience. Wrap your hands around a cool looking Gem Grips™ cover and put some glitter in your life.

Contourz Genuine Leather Pro Grip™ Contourz Genuine Leather Pro Grip™
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This premium steering wheel cover is as beautiful and comfortable as it is luxurious. Crafted entirely from top quality genuine leather, the Contourz Pro Grip™ features a perimeter with perforated areas that ‘breathe’ under your hands and solid surfaces for a feel and grip that only a quality leather can provide. Available in 4 sizes and 2 colors, this luxurious steering wheel cover will complement virtually any vehicle. With Contourz Pro Grip™ you can wrap your hands around some luxury and drive in style.

Racing Grip™ Racing Grip™
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Drive like the professionals with a Comfort Grips Racing Grip™. With built-in ergonomically designed finger ridges this beautiful cover will give your steering wheel the look and feel of a sports car. Made from a luxurious leather-like material in 4 sizes and 3 colors, this steering wheel cover is perfect for people who simply love to drive.

Combo Packs™ Combo Packs™
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The Comfort Grips™ line of Premium Steering Wheel Covers, Headrest Cushions and Seat Belt Covers now provide a selection of attractive matching accessories. Our super-plush Micro Fiber and Memory Foam construction are sure to deliver the most comfortable drive you’ve ever experienced.

Grip n Go™ Grip n Go™
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Grip N Go™ is a soft, plush ‘stretch-on’ steering wheel cover that’s very easy to install and fits almost all steering wheels. They’re available in Plush Suede and Plush Velour fabric choices and come in 22 unique colors! With Grip n Go™ you can coordinate the cover with most any vehicle interior, or just add a cool color for fun. Stretch one on and put some driving comfort in your hands with Grip n Go™

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