Dash Designs® the leader in custom fabric auto accessories also manufactures an array of space-saving and plush comfort products for vehicle interiors. It’s easy to maximize your driving experience with some of our innovative interior accessories!

Seat Topper Comfort Cushions Seat Topper Comfort Cushions
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Seat Topper Comfort Cushions are universal bucket seat covers designed to elegantly protect your seats. Easy to install with handy front pockets and patented side flaps for extra seat edge protection, the Comfort Cushion is the answer to upgrading the look and functionality of almost any bucket seat. And they do not interfere with side airbags!

Endura Jeep Cargo Mat Endura Jeep Cargo Mat
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Endura® Jeep Cargo Gap Mats are specially designed to cover the unsightly and dangerous opening behind the rear seats of Jeep 4-door JKU and JLU Wranglers. Keeps tools, cargo, pets, and all your other stuff from falling into this gap. Features a heavy duty zipper so the seats can still fold individually. Quick, easy installation with just a Torx T30 driver.

Sheepskin Seat Topper™ Sheepskin Seat Topper™
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Seat Topper™ 100% Genuine Sheepskin Seat Topper is made from Australian- and New Zealand-sourced sheepskin that is comfortable, luxurious, and affordable. They fit most bucket seats and do not interfere with the side airbags. Available without the headrest covered in Beige, Black, and Gray.

Cargo Containment System™ Cargo Containment System™
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The Endura® Cargo Containment System™ is the easiest way to secure your groceries, tool boxes, sports equipment and all your other cargo in your trunk or cargo area. This unique system consists of a non-slip Fiberloc™ mat and 4 pairs of adjustable cargo restraining BLOX™ designed to keep all your stuff from spilling, falling over and sliding or rolling around your cargo area or trunk.

Seat Turtle™ Seat Turtle™
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Seat Turtle™ offers unmatched comfort and protection for your seat cushion. Available in 9 custom sizes to ensure you get a great fit. The special seat wedge and nylon seat strap insure your Seat Turtle never drifts from your seat. Side Flippers keep the sides of your seat cushion protected.

License Plate Frames License Plate Frames
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Drive with a little more sparkle with a Dash Pro® License Plate Frame! A choice of carbon fiber or 7 styles of crystals means your car will never have a shortage of style. Easy to install and includes matching screw caps for a cohesive look!

Seat Gapper™ Seat Gapper™
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The Seat Gapper™ is a unique fabric wedge designed to fill the gap between a vehicle seat and the center console. This ingenious product has a neat built-in pocket to hold cell phones, keys, pens, pads and other small items. Instead of everything falling into that awful gap where they’re hard to retrieve, keep things neat and handy with Seat Gapper™

Grip&Go™ Grip&Go™
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Grip&Go™ is a soft, plush 'stretch-on' steering wheel cover that's very easy to install and fits almost all steering wheels. They're available in Brushed Suede and Plush Velour fabric choices and come in 22 unique colors! With Grip&Go™ you can coordinate the cover with most any vehicle interior, or just add a cool color for fun. Stretch one on and put some driving comfort in your hands with Grip&Go™

Headeez™ Pillows Headeez™ Pillows
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Our Headeez™ headrest pillows offer soft neck support. Our patterns are unique, featuring animal faces, emojis, officially licensed collegiate logos and other great original designs. They work on both front and rear seats. Kids love our Headeez™ pillows, especially the emoji and animal patterns! These pillows make riding in the car more comfortable and fun for kids and adults!