• Protect Your Seats from Kids, Pets, & Spills
  • Cover Faded, Stained, Worn or Torn Seats
  • Quality Fabrics for a Premium Fit & Feel
  • Durable Foam Insulation on All Fabrics
  • Headrests & Armrests Included
  • Easy Installation – Free Install Tool Included

Allure™ Allure™
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Allure™, our newest fabric selection, looks as beautiful and feels as elegant as its name. This beautiful sculpted plush velour is available in 4 beautiful colors and sets a new standard for comfort and elegance. Allure™ seat covers will enhance the looks and comfort of any vehicle.

Kingston™ Kingston™
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Kingston™ is a resilient fabric that combines unmatched durability with good looks and comfort. Kingston™ fits great, is really comfortable, yet it's extremely tough and durable to provide maximum protection for your vehicle’s seats.
Camo™ Camo™
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TrueTimber® Kanati™, DRT™, Prairie™, and Strata™ as well as Superflauge® Winter™ camouflage seat covers provide premium styling with the rugged utility demanded by all outdoor enthusiasts. Available in Solid or 2-Tone, these super-tough go-anywhere fabrics will insure that your vehicle's seats will always be protected from daily hazards with stylish good looks and comfort.

Dorchester Velour™ Dorchester Velour™
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Dorchester Velour™, one of our new fabric selections, feels as beautiful and elegant as its name. With the looks of a durable quilted velour and the finish of a 100% Polyester blend, Dorchester Velour™ has been crafted to replicate automotive grade standards. It's all about the comfort...so come feel the difference with Dorchester Velour™ quality seat covers from Seat Designs™.

Digital Camo™ Digital Camo™
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Digital Camo™ is our modern camouflage design for seat covers that will provide the rugged utility demanded by all outdoor enthusiasts as well as premium styling. Available in Solid or 2-Tone, these super-tough go-anywhere fabrics will insure that you will always hit the road in comfort and style.

Scottsdale™ Scottsdale™
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One of our all-time customer favorites, Scottsdale™ offers a unique blend of premium styling along with one of the very finest plush fabrics available today. Choose from 6 soft, beautiful colors to compliment virtually any vehicle with these incredibly luxurious looking seat covers.

Cowboy Camo™ Cowboy Camo™
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Seat yourself in soft, plush comfort with a 'New Western Flair'. Cowboy Camo™, our newest line of premium seat cover design sports a beautifully rendered rustic backdrop that includes subtle images of horse shoes, buckles, saddle gear, leather straps and other iconic symbols. It’s how the New West was won!

Madera™ Madera™
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This shimmering soft velour material has a subtle striped pattern and the overall look and feel is very distinctive. Available in 4 earth-tone shades, Madera™ is finished out with our quilted full-foam backing for incredible comfort. Our precise CAD-CAM manufacturing processes help to give Madera™ a truly fitted and very classic appearance to enhance the interior of most any vehicle.

Genuine Neoprene™ Genuine Neoprene™
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Genuine Neoprene™ Custom-Fit Seat Covers are available in 6 solid or 2-tone color combinations and crafted with the same waterproof Nylon-bonded material used to make wet suits. If your vehicle's seats need the ultimate protection, this amazing waterproof fabric will protect them just like a wet suit!

Plush Regal™ Plush Regal™
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Our very plush, luxurious velour fabric has the look and feel of original factory seats. The subtle pattern of this material is specially woven to be super-soft, yet it's strong and durable enough to provide long lasting beauty. With a 3/8” thick quilted foam backing, Plush Regal™ is a classic and comfortable choice.

NeoSupreme™ NeoSupreme™
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Our ultimate lifestyle seat cover is crafted from a water-repellant, UV-resistant and Nylon-bonded 3mm NeoSupreme™ material. Available in 7 solid or 2-tone color combinations, it’s sure to compliment any vehicle interior. Digital CAD-CAM patterns ensure a great fit and a laminated foam backing provides super-soft comfort.

Duramax Tweed™ Duramax Tweed™
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As the name implies, this very durable heavy tweed fabric will provide all of the seat protection you will ever need. Duramax Tweed™ is now available in 8 great colors, and our industry leading 3/8" thick quilted full foam backing provides truly outstanding comfort and real value.

Cool Mesh™ Cool Mesh™
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This is our amazing 'Spacer Knit' fabric with a specially woven 'breathable' diamond-mesh to keep your vehicle seats and your backside cool and comfortable. Cool Mesh™ fabric seat covers are available in 4 great shades along with a reinforced side material to insure extra-long wear with a beautiful fit and finish.

GrandTex™ GrandTex™
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GrandTex™ is one of the most popular fabrics from our Designer™ series. This soft woven fabric has a subtle textured pattern that’s beautiful, comfortable and very durable. GrandTex™ seat covers are available in 5 beautiful solid or 2-tone styles to compliment and upgrade any vehicle interior.

Southwest Sierra™ Southwest Sierra™
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Our super durable tweed fabric comes in 7 exciting color combinations to make the ultimate statement in a handsome Southwestern motif. These colorful saddle blanket style materials are as tough and road worthy as they are beautiful. Our 3/8" thick quilted foam backing provides for a great custom fit with good looks and a very comfortable feel.

Hawaiian Hawaiian
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Enjoy the feel of the tropics right inside your own vehicle. Our beautiful Hawaiian themed Neo Supreme™ printed fabric is an advanced water resistant material available in a variety of vibrant patterns and colors. Our durable quilted foam backings and CAD-CAM precision patterns will provide a custom 'tropi-cool' look to virtually any set of seats.

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